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The Findings Report Podcast is a show for people who are curious about why consumers buy, like and share. Each episode is a deep dive on a consumer trend, business insight, or marketing strategy. Featuring interviews with academic researchers, cultural tastemakers and industry thought-leaders, The Findings Report Podcast decodes the psychology of consumer behavior.

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Episode 19

The Customer Class

Runtime: 25 minutes

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Producer Larry Vincent launches a new limited series podcast called The Customer Class, about the people every business must find and keep. The first episode features an interview with SoulCycle co-founder Julie Rice.

Episode 18


Runtime: 39 minutes

Tfrp ep18

Do introverts have an advantage or a disadvantage in the workplace? How should we design the personality of our future AI colleagues? Bestselling author Matthew Pollard and Justine Cassell provide insight.

Episode 17

Men 2.0

Runtime: 46 minutes

Tfrp ep17

Many experts believe that our societal attitudes about masculinity must change to achieve gender equality. Guests Michael Ian Black, Gary Barker, and Linda Tuncay Zayer join us for a discussion about how to redefine manhood.

Episode 16


Runtime: 34 minutes

Tfrp ep16

Trust is viewed as an essential business success metric. But numerous studies suggest that our trust in governments, organizations and businesses has been declining. Guests Ben Boyd and Kent Grayson tackle the core issues.

Episode 15


Runtime: 37 minutes

Tfrp ep15

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion and a frequent go-to for marketers. Nowhere is nostalgia more prevalent than in music. In this episode, we discuss the ins and outs of music-based nostalgia with guest Jesse K, Petr Janata and Rob Kozinets.

Episode 14


Runtime: 35 minutes

Tfrp ep14

US consumers spend over $70 billion a year on care for their pets, a massive increase over the years. Guests Dan Miller, Loni Edwards and Renée Felice Smith unpack the behavior driving the trend.

Episode 13


Runtime: 35 minutes

Tfrp ep13

American families are shrinking in size, making middle children an endangered species. New York Magazine's Adam Sternbergh and psychologist Catherine Salmon unpack the ramifications.

Episode 12


Runtime: 39 minutes

Tfrp ep12

The world of work has been steadily changing since the 1970's. In the latest podcast, photojournalist Josh S. Rose shares insights from his profiles of Americans at work. And economic historian Louis Hyman unpacks the ramifications of the Temp Economy.

Episode 11


Runtime: 36 minutes

Tfrp ep11

The best jobs in the future will go to those who can deliver creativity on demand. Guests Amy Aniobi, Allen Gannett and Page Moreau provide insights on how anyone can improve their creative game.

Episode 10


Runtime: 34 minutes

Tfrp ep10

Leaders spend a lot of time asking what and why, but they might want to ask when more. Guests Daniel Pink, Jonah Berger and Kelley Gullo explain it all for us.

Episode 09

Label Me This

Runtime: 29 minutes

Tfrp ep9

Product labels possess hidden powers, as research tied to a court case over Red Bull proves. Guests Aradhna Krishna, Yann Cornil and Christina Perozzi provide insights.

Episode 08


Runtime: 30 minutes

Tfrp ep8

Many brands are tying themselves to charitable causes in order to win consumer affection, but is it a good business strategy? Author Anne Bahr Thompson and USC marketing professor Adlai Wertman provide insights and answers.

Episode 07

Generations, Part 2

Runtime: 32 minutes

Tfrp ep7

A Millennial and an Xer walk into a room. When they leave, we get a podcast. Listen to the second installment of our two-part series on American generations, featuring an interview with bestselling author Neil Howe.

Episode 06

Generations, Part 1

Runtime: 32 minutes

Tfrp ep6

Amidst all the noise about Millennials, Xers and Boomers there's a real theory about generations and their power over business. Bestselling author Neil Howe explains it all for us on the latest podcast.

Episode 05

The Pitch

Runtime: 32 minutes

Tfrp ep5

When you're making a pitch, your target knows a lot about your tactics. It's called persuasion knowledge. We interview bestselling author Paul Smith, and researchers Kent Grayson and Mathew Isaac for tips on how to wrangle it and make it work to your advantage.

Episode 04

Sounds Appealing

Runtime: 30 minutes

Tfrp ep4

Sounds is the forgotten spice. In this episode we delve into the way that sound affects perceptions of brands and product experiences. Guests Maxime Goulet, Michael Lowe and Charles Spence provide useful examples.

Episode 03


Runtime: 32 minutes

Tfrp ep3

Feminism is making a come-back and marketers have latched on. But do female-forward campaigns achieve their goals? In this episode of the podcast we interview Heather LeFevre, Linda Ong, and Shelley Zalis for answers.

Episode 02

Blame it on the Clown

Runtime: 27 minutes

Tfrp ep2

Most marketers shy away from horror experiences because they worry it will be too controversial for their brand. But there's a strong case to be made for the power of fright. In this podcast, we interview filmmaker Matt Kaplan and researcher Lea Dunn to explore the ways that fear can be used by brands to forge a bond with their customers.

Episode 01

Playing with Fyre

Runtime: 28 minutes

Tfrp ep1

The Fyre Festival was one of the biggest cultural trainwrecks of 2017. But it holds important lessons about the power of social media and the allure of influencers. In our first podcast, we interview filmmaker Nicco Quiñones and culture analyst Linda Ong for insight on what it means for marketers.


Mollyschreiber findingsreport

Molly Schreiber

Molly Schreiber is a comedy writer, actor, and director. She has created content for Funny or Die, McSweeney's, Warner Brothers Records, and music videos and has garnered millions of views. She was selected as a 2018 Just For Laughs New Face Creator and the 2018 Warner Brothers Writers' Workshop. As an actor she can be seen in Westworld, Grey's Anatomy, Daddy's Home 2, Netflix's Happy Anniversary, and many other films and tv shows. To see Molly perform you can find her at UCB and comedy clubs around Los Angeles or go to

Larryvincent findingsreport

Larry Vincent

Larry is the Chief Branding Officer at United Talent Agency and the Editor-in-Chief of The Findings Report. He is an award-winning writer and a veteran brand strategist. A researcher by training and a writer at heart, his curiosity about consumer behavior and his passion for companies that stand out in a crowd led him to work on some of the world's most beloved brands, including Disney, Mattel, the NFL, Nikon, and Sony Playstation. He has written two books on marketing. His most recent work, Brand Real, unpacked what it takes to be a power brand. It's no accident that he "stumbles upon" the intriguing consumer research featured in the show because he is a proud member of the academic community, teaching the next generation of business leaders as a Professor of Marketing at the USC Marshall School of Business.