The Reality of Writing

One month into the WGA strike and many are questioning the value of writers on a cultural landscape that has plenty of alternatives for consumer attention.

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HBO Ghost

HBO Max is about to be rebranded as 'Max'. Is this a shift towards commonness or a bold marketing gamble?

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The Customer Class

Producer Larry Vincent launches a new limited series podcast called The Customer Class, about the people every business must find and keep. The first episode features an interview with SoulCycle co-founder Julie Rice.



Do introverts have an advantage or a disadvantage in the workplace? How should we design the personality of our future AI colleagues? Bestselling author Matthew Pollard and Justine Cassell provide insight.


Men 2.0

Many experts believe that our societal attitudes about masculinity must change to achieve gender equality. Guests Michael Ian Black, Gary Barker, and Linda Tuncay Zayer join us for a discussion about how to redefine manhood.



Trust is viewed as an essential business success metric. But numerous studies suggest that our trust in governments, organizations and businesses has been declining. Guests Ben Boyd and Kent Grayson tackle the core issues.



Nostalgia is a powerful emotion and a frequent go-to for marketers. Nowhere is nostalgia more prevalent than in music. In this episode, we discuss the ins and outs of music-based nostalgia with guest Jesse K, Petr Janata and Rob Kozinets.