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Nostalgia is a powerful emotion and a frequent go-to for marketers. Nowhere is nostalgia more prevalent than in music. In this episode, we discuss the ins and outs of music-based nostalgia with guest Jesse K, Petr Janata and Rob Kozinets.

Run Time: 37 minutes

Once considered a contagious malady, nostalgia is a powerful emotional force with proven psychological benefits. Music, in particular, is a potent nostalgia delivery device and in this episode of the podcast we talk to three experts about why nostalgia and music go well together and how to use them effectively to persuade and delight your audiences.

Music marketing maven Jesse K discusses the latest throwback trends and how many music artists are leveraging multiple media to amplify nostalgic effect. Researcher Rob Kozinets shares insights from his studies on retro subcultures and the boundaries of consumer tolerance for brands and beloved memories. And psychologist Petr Janata unpacks how nostalgia affects our brain and the scientific reasons behind its unique power to revive our memories and animate our bodies.


Jesse Kirshbaum

Jesse Kirshbaum has been in the trenches of the music business for over a decade. He started his career finding and developing talent. In fact, he worked with some of the biggest and most relevant artists of modern times. Jesse as extensive experience securing talent for concerts, tours and endorsement deals for his various clients and brand partners internationally. The same way he is known for helping break artists, he now focuses on building robust strategies and campaigns for big & emerging brands that wish to breaking into the mainstream zeitgeist. He founded Nue Agency (a creative boutique, recently named to Inc Mag’s 500 list as the 3rd fastest growing Media Company in America) to sit at the center of culture, brands and technology. He is the host of Hot 97’s web series “Hot In Tech” and is an authority in music tech culture, as well as the executive producer of the hit digital series #CRWN. Jesse writes and curates Beats and Bytes, one of the best weekly newsletters in entertainment. Sign up for it at

Rob Kozinets

Robert V. Kozinets is a globally recognized expert on social media, ethnographic methods, and branding. He has authored and co-authored over 100 pieces of research on the intersection of technology, media, brands, and consumers. This includes four books. His newest work, Netnography: The Essential Guide will be published by Sage books in 2019. Currently, Kozinets is Associate Editor of the Journal of Consumer Research, Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Marketing, an Academic Trustee of Cambridge-based Marketing Science Institute, and the past co-chair of the Association for Consumer Research’s 2018 Conference, entitled “Trust in Doubt: Consuming in a Post-Truth World”. On the industry side, he has extensive speaking, training, and consulting experience with a range of global companies and organizations, including HSBC, TD Banking and Financial Group, American Express, Merck, Sony, Nissan, eBay, Campbell Soup, and L’Oréal. He is the Jayne and Hans Hufschmid Chair of Digital Cultural Research at University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism and Marshall School of Business.

Petr Janata

Petr Janata is a Professor in the Psychology Department and Center for Mind and Brain at UC Davis. He received his B.A. from Reed College and his Ph.D. from the University of Oregon. His research on how the human brain engages with music has examined expectation, imagery, sensorimotor coupling, memory, and emotion in relation to tonality, rhythm, and timbre. His work also emphasizes the use of models of musical structure to analyze behavioral and brain data. He has pioneered psychological and brain research examining musical situations that elicit strong emotional experiences, such as music-evoked remembering or being in the groove. He is the recipient of two Fulbright research fellowships, a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Templeton Advanced Research Program award from the Metanexus Institute, and grant funding from the NSF, NIH, and the GRAMMY Foundation.

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  • Transcription: Lydia Ward
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