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Lifestyles of the Rich

It's tempting to assume affluent consumers are shallow. But a new study demonstrates that the wealthiest favor brands that have a cause.

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If you need more proof that consumers are demanding better values from their brands, consider this new data point from The Affluence Collaborative, a research project led by AgencySacks. 80% of affluent consumers said a brand’s promotion of its cause marketing enhances their perception of the brand, and 42% said they’d pay more for a brand based on what it gives back.

Add this to a growing stack of data. 71% of consumers say they make it a point to buy products from companies whose values match their own (Y&R, 2010). In the last year, 41% of American consumers said they bought a product because it was associated with a cause or an issue (Opinion Research, 2010).

The message: values matter.


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