Dollar Shave Club: Part IV

In my ongoing ode to Dollar Shave Club, I commend them for smart brand extension.

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For those who follow my blog, you know that I have a fondness for the gang at Dollar Shave Club. For those who are new to the conversation, in 3 previous posts I discussed how this new brand took a fairly commoditized product (razors) and developed a compelling brand experience that has won legions of fans. What I love most about the brand is the consistency of the experience it delivers and the authenticity of its brand voice.

A few days ago, the brand launched its third product in its quest to own a man’s bathroom: One Wipe Charlies; flushable moist wipes. To support the launch, the brand released a sequel to its widely popular launch video from 2011:

Perhaps the video goes a little far with its #2 references, but I have to commend the team on two fronts. First, when you think about it, this is a brilliant extension to the product line. Like razor blades, moist wipes are a bathroom item that we easily forget to buy and often regret not having. For a small addition to the monthly fee, members can receive a fresh packet of One Wipe Charlies every month and put worries aside.

Second, the creative execution of this latest extension continues the  legacy of clever writing and simple design that first established the brand. And it sustains an experience that delights members while staying true to its promise.

As a bonus, I received a mailing from the team on about the same day as the video launch. First, there was a letter from Michael Dubin announcing the new product.


Followed by a sample of the new product and some inspirational accessories.



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