Dollar Shave Club, Part II

Dollar Shave Club is an excellent example of Brand Real. It marries a credible promise to a compelling experience.

Reading Time: About 1 minute

Last week I shared a video introduction to Dollar Shave Club. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one sharing the video because it became a viral sensation. But the real reason I posted it was because I see the seeds of a very interesting brand. It offers a simple promise: a convenient way to get a quality shave at a low price. It has wrapped that offering into a brand with plenty of personality. The video is only a starting point. Check out some of the other parts of their brand system.

  1. The product offering is simple, anchored by price and connected to clear benefits. Note that the voice weaves its way into the product descriptions (“…it’s like a personal assistant for your face.”)

  1. Unsure of the quality? Well, here’s a very clear illustration of the product along with assurances of your satisfaction with a great guarantee. Only old-timers like me will probably get the Columbia House reference, but I’m still young enough to be part of the target audience.

  1. The testimonials continue the tone, character and voice of the brand.

  1. Even the site’s navigation is consistent with the brand’s communication strategy.

  1. I had to chuckle at the use of the word ‘muy’ in this description for The Executive product. It’s an effective way to describe the experience you should expect without being too full of itself. Using a little silly self-deprecation warms you up to the brand.

  1. The site includes a statement of purpose — the reason why they exist. It’s rational but compelling: men are paying more for razor features they don’t need.

  1. It’s subtle, but I also like this seal in the corner of the site — a BS-free seal of approval.

  1. I subscribed the day I first saw the video. Today (about a week later) I received an email. The service has received so many subscriptions that they have operational issues fulfilling the orders. Note how the apology and service note continues the fun tone of voice while also dealing with the issue in a respectful manner.

Finally, in case you missed the video the first time, here it is again.


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